Plan for the unpredictable

We help you set up a backup plan for sharing crucial information, in case something happens to you. It could be anything from sharing the location of your spare key, to the password of your safe deposit box.

How does it work?

  1. Create documents and assign contacts
  2. Login once a month to delay documents from being sent

Everything is fully encrypted. We can't see what you write within our system. Neither email-addresses nor documents. Register


You log in regularly
  • Logged in

  • Logged in

  • Logged in

  • Logged in

You don't log in
  • Logged in

  • Logged in

  • 1 month passed without login

  • !

    Warning sent to you, to login soon or your documents will be shared

  • Documents shared with their contacts


Legacy Vault is a pay-once, use forever application. No subscriptions. No hassle.

A one-time payment of $129, grants you lifetime access


Is this safe?

We use industry-standard encryption to encrypt all your data, from recipient emails, to documents and texts. Everything is hosted within the EU and fully GDPR compliant.

Doesn't my password manager do this?

Your password manager may have a legacy contact function, but that only allows access to all your password for a single person. This allows you to send different documents to customers, co-workers, family, friends etc.

How long do you keep my data?

One year after your latest login, your account and all your data will be deleted.